Laura Sartori

I was born in Milan, Italie, in June 1971. Since my childwood I began to move along Italy because of my fathers job. The first time I came to New York was for a travel award when I was 17, mais je viens de voir Manhattan et peu d'autre. Almost a year later I came again and I was fascinated and enchanted by this City.

Tout cela n'aurait pas été possible si je n'avais pas rencontré lors de ce voyage Carlo Medori, à qui je dois toute ma gratitude pour m'avoir montré la véritable essence de la Ville. Il m'avait infecté par son goût pour les murales et dans les rues peu fréquentées et les quartiers pleins de vie. Notre amitié s'est renforcée au fil du temps et alors que je viens à New York, je ne perds pas une occasion de le voir et de le laisser me tenir au courant de ce qui se passe dans la ville., principalement dans l'art, domaines culturels et politiques.

Since now Ive travelled a lot around the world but I just can not stay away from New York City for a long time, because I really feel a newyorker inside. Cette’s the only place I could call Home, the only City where I can enjoy and completely relax myself. It seem even my little baby girl loves to come there, so Im so so happy! She has some mums DNA!

Now Im working on this project and I have to thanks my husband Stefano for the effort he puts in the construction of the site in its entirety; I have to thank Giorgio Guglielmi, a great man that I knew some time ago and pressed me to go on working on this project; hes a man I can always count on.

This project is in memory of my lovable father and a special woman and poetress as Delfina Provenzali, who had always believed in me.