Laura Sartori

I was born in Milan, Italie, in June 1971. Since my childwood I began to move along Italy because of my fathers job. The first time I came to New York was for a travel award when I was 17, mais je viens de voir Manhattan et peu d'autre. Almost a year later I came again andLire plus

Stefano Sudati

I was born on December 1968 in Milan, Italie. I met my future wife, Laura, in her solo exhibition in Milan and since there we have built an happy family. I love travelled a lot with her and I knew how he loved New York City, so I began to follow her in her trips. … Lire plus

Carlo Medori

He is the man who had infected me with his keen on murales and on few-travelled streets and quarters full of life. He seems so rude, but if you begin to know his so well, he has a great heart. Hes so special for me and he is a wealth of knowledge mostly in art, cultureLire plus