Here you can find some images as trucks, motorbikes, advertising, posters, bill-sticking, buildings and faces.


In Soho shopping and art are so close together. It is a very elegant quarter, rich of art galleries, and most of the shops here seem like artworks, so well designed. There is no gap between art and shopping. Murales here are used to «leave a sign» on a local or on a dressing brand.


Murales que representan personas muertas están en todas partes, desde el lado este por Harlem hasta el Bronx. Los murales pueden representar a personas comunes asesinadas, tanto raperos como personajes famosos., como Lady Diana o el Papa.


Hay Harlem y Harlem, el blanco del rico y el más frenético y animado de la gente de color. Aquí hay mercados encantadores, puedes escuchar música jazz en el pub y los domingos puedes disfrutar de la gente cantando gospel en las iglesias. La mayoría de los murales representan personajes famosos de color. … Leer más


Murales mark a gang from another. Murales are painted on the walls surrounding the gang’s general headquarters. The murales is updated as a gang’s member die; headstones are painted as to remember the lost ones. Here you can find pictures taken at the general headquarter, to some bikers and their customized Harley-Davidson as, of corse, … Leer más

lado oeste

It is a shoreshortening of Manhattan where everything talks about homosexuality. The Westside is the one next to the harbour, where you can find fish and meat markets.