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In this quarter Murales are most of all funny, sometimes polemical, against the System. The rolling shutters of the shops are usually painted with murales which represent the goods that are sold or the services given. Some murales are just pure ART, nothing else to add.

Isla Grande

A very important place in Long Island for murales is called 5 Punto; here artists can express themselves painting the the entire buildings. The pictures were taken in 5 Punto, one legal place where artists can express themselves.


This neighbourhood has so many faces: people who live here is different from culture and religions. Here you can find some amusement corners, with loveble houses and parks but even some dangerous zone. I made some photos, not only about murales but even about the stranger things I saw here.


En este barrio los murales amenazan, la mayoría de las imágenes se refieren a la adicción al crack. La grieta, ser una droga de bajo precio, provoca una gran cantidad de víctimas, principalmente entre adolescentes. El Bronx es incluso un lugar con una gran cantidad de iglesias y personas que confían en Dios.. That’s why we can find murales withLeer más

Laura Sartori

I was born in Milan, Italy, in June 1971. Since my childwood I began to move along Italy because of my father’s job. The first time I came to New York was for a travel award when I was 17, but I just saw Manhattan and little else. Almost a year later I came again andLeer más

Stefano Sudati

I was born on December 1968 in Milan, Italy. I met my future wife, Laura, in her solo exhibition in Milan and since there we have built an happy family. I love travelled a lot with her and I knew how he loved New York City, so I began to follow her in her trips. … Leer más


If you would like to contribute, sending me your pictures taken in New York City, we could open a new page; we could even make a contest about the most voted picture of the month/week. Of course there will be your name and copyright on your pictures. All feedbacks and suggestions to improve the websiteLeer más

El proyecto

This site aims to be a journey through time in my New York, from the late 80’s up to today. I’ve already been to New York for a travel award when I was 17, but I just saw Manhattan and little else. The first time I saw the real New York City, away from 5thLeer más

Carlo Medori

He is the man who had infected me with his keen on murales and on few-travelled streets and quarters full of life. He seems so rude, but if you begin to know his so well, he has a great heart. He’s so special for me and he is a wealth of knowledge mostly in art, cultureLeer más