Here you can find some images as trucks, motorbikes, advertising, posters, bill-sticking, buildings and faces.


In Soho shopping and art are so close together. It is a very elegant quarter, rich of art galleries, and most of the shops here seem like artworks, so well designed. There is no gap between art and shopping. Murales here are used toleave a signon a local or on a dressing brand.


Murales which represent dead people are everywhere, from Eastside via Harlem to Bronx. Murales can represent ordinary killed people both rappers or famous personality, like Lady Diana or the Pope.


There’s Harlem and Harlem, the white of the rich one and the most frenzied and lively one of the coloured people. Here there are charming markets, you can listen to jazz music in the pub and on Sundays you can enjoy people singing gospel in the Churches. Most of the murales represent famous coloured people. … Ler mais


Murais marcam uma gangue de outra. Murais são pintados nas paredes ao redor do quartel-general da gangue. O murales é atualizado quando um membro de gangue morre; Lápides são pintadas para lembrar os perdidos. Aqui você encontra fotos tiradas na sede geral, a alguns motociclistas e suas Harley-Davidson personalizadas como, claro, … Ler mais

lado oeste

It is a shoreshortening of Manhattan where everything talks about homosexuality. The Westside is the one next to the harbour, where you can find fish and meat markets.