Laura Sartori

I was born in Milan, Italy, in June 1971. Since my childwood I began to move along Italy because of my father’s job. The first time I came to New York was for a travel award when I was 17, but I just saw Manhattan and little else. Almost a year later I came again andLeggi tutto

Stefano Sudati

I was born on December 1968 in Milan, Italy. I met my future wife, Laura, in her solo exhibition in Milan and since there we have built an happy family. I love travelled a lot with her and I knew how he loved New York City, so I began to follow her in her trips. … Leggi tutto


If you would like to contribute, sending me your pictures taken in New York City, we could open a new page; we could even make a contest about the most voted picture of the month/week. Of course there will be your name and copyright on your pictures. All feedbacks and suggestions to improve the websiteLeggi tutto

Carlo Medori

È l'uomo che mi ha contagiato con la sua passione per i murales e per le strade poco frequentate e per i quartieri pieni di vita. Sembra così scortese, ma se inizi a conoscerlo così bene, ha un grande cuore. È così speciale per me ed è un patrimonio di conoscenze soprattutto nell'arte, cultura … Leggi tutto