I am writing a book about murales from all over the world, so if there is an artist who can upload an interview, I will appreciate it! I would like to know why, the reason, the background of muralists. Why painting? To stay out of trouble, to have a chance?? and how they choose a crew to collaborate with? Is everything against the system or there is something else?



  • by Chiara March 4, 2009 Edit

    Hello, I’m Clare, I was in New York a few months ago, I visited the murals of East Side, West Side and Soho, so I would visit the Bronx to take beautiful pictures.Congratulatons for your great work guys, you’re great.

  • by Lilly July 3, 2007 Edit

    Ciao Laura,
    complimenti per il sito. Che ne dici di scrivere una sezione con “chi sei”?

  • by Marco April 11, 2007 Edit

    I don’t understand if you are american or not. The names are italian but website is english. Do you live in New York? How is the Bronx? Bye

    • by Laura Sartori April 10, 2007 Edit

      Ciao, I am Laura, the photographer of this website. I live in Milan, Italy and once or twice a year I go to NYC to take pictures of new murales. I’ve used english languages so it is easier for everybody to understand it. Marco, you asked me about the Bronx: there are beautiful places there, as the Botanical Garden and the Zoo. My favorite walk is between Athur Ave. and 187 St.

  • by Giulia April 10, 2007 Edit

    This site is very interesting…I really love these pictures.
    So beautiful…

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